This is a very unique experience. You will take your horse to the round pen. A 50 ft diameter training pen where you will learn to work your horse. You will learn to direct your horse, speed em up, slow em down, change directions. Once you have mastered the basics, you will then learn that horses like to play. Much like dogs and other domestic animals, horses like to have fun too.

The interesting thing about horseplay breaks down walls, walls that humans have like hidden or obvious fear of horses and the instinctual fear that horses have toward humans. When this is accomplished, your new friend will be so submitted to you that every where you walk it will follow you like a puppy dog without the lead rope.

Then off to the tack area where wranglers and riders groom and saddle the horses. After being instructed on rein control, posting and other riding tips; we begin The Ride...

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