This starts with proper riding attire. Long pants, long socks, a hat, bandanna, sunglasses and please, please drink a lot of water BEFORE you ride, especially in the summer time.

Then we teach you some basics of equist, the language of horses. We believe that it's essential for you to be able to communicate with the horses, be understood by the horses and understand what the horses are trying to communicate to you. You will learn that these animals are much more intelligent, sensitive and playful than you thought.

Then down to the barn to meet the naked/unsaddled horses. After a thorough explanation and horsenality (personality) profile of each, we encourage you to mingle and acquaint yourself with all the horses at which time you select the one you want to ride, we believe the horse will pick you out. We have a variety of breeds that are as diverse as people are.

Next: Cowboy Camp. You and your horse in a 50 ft diameter round training pen getting to know each other; your horse performing multiple tasks from directional circles to jumping over high barrels and more, you will learn to have fun and play with your horse creating a bond at which you will be amazed. At that point your horse will become submitted and infatuated with you and you will no longer need a rope to lead your horse, it will follow you everywhere you walk including 150 ft to the tack room where you will learn to groom and saddle your new friend.

Next we mount up and learn the most difficult part of horseback riding...trotting…a slow but bouncy pace that beginners find to be the most challenging. Loping, galloping then running will soon show you that the faster you go, the smoother the ride. Even beginners will enjoy crossing deep water, jumping, racing each other, climbing seemingly impossibly steep hills and experiencing what we call the "gauntlet"; one of the most breathtaking parts of the ride. All of this will results in the most exciting, adventurous and informative equestrian experience that you've ever had or remember it's FREE.

Most of the people who come here, with a few exceptions, have little to no riding experience, however when they leave here they can ride any horse, anywhere, anytime. First let us refer you to orientation to see how it all begins.

Not to be spoiled by too much exposure, it can be best understood in 3 segments. in the 1st segment is the basics and what we call the six gears.

1st gear doesn't take much teaching, in fact, all other rides in this area are stuck in 1st gear. Walking.

2nd gear... Trotting. Trotting isn't going fast so much as it is bouncy. Don't worry, we will teach you to do what cowboys do all day long.

3rd gear... Loping. Many riders say this is the most fun.

4th gear... Galloping. Now we're having fun and stirring up some dust.

5th gear... Running. The faster you go, the smoother the ride.

6th gear... Racing. A dead run... Kentucky derby! Take your blood pressure medicine first or 2 shots of Jack Daniels will suffice. (Must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages and bring enough for your wrangler.)

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Once you have accomplished all 6 gears, it's time to practice including some racing, some jumping, some hill climbing and more exhilarating riding than you will ever do anywhere else. Please note that each rider will set their own limit and we will encourage you to expand your abilities. Then on to North Camp for refreshments, munching and chilling...a reprieve before phase 2 of the ride... the Gauntlet...

We won't tell you about the "Gauntlet" you will have to come experience it for yourself. It does go from mild to wild and can only be done at Jacob's Ranch.

Finally phase 3...free riding. If your wrangler is convinced, you determine how, where and for how long you can ride. You are on your own, see you when you get back.