And Horse Introduction

Learning how to communicate with horses through equist. It seems these days in this modern era, the understanding and knowledge of horses is at an all time low.

We will talk about and clear up some misnomers and myths regarding the behavior of horses such as "Don't walk behind a horse or it will kick you." When in fact when the horse turns it's back on you, this actually is a greeting like shaking hands as if to say "How do you do, partner?" Here at Jacob's Ranch you will learn the proper response to this and many other facets of equist (the language of horses.)

Our goal is to separate fact from fiction creating the most incredible and memorable equestrian experience. Our staff and the horses themselves will enlighten your understanding of these amazing animals.


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Down to the barns we go. When you meet our horses, they will be in the barn, stalled and naked. (unsaddled) Before riders select the horse they want to ride, they will be given a complete description of each horse including age, height, weight, breed, color, and most importantly the horsenality profile. After a short description of each horse , we encourage all riders to spend as much time mingling in the stall with each horse as is necessary until the magical and obvious moment where the horse picks you. Once this happens we will halter your horse, attach a lead rope and have you lead your new friend through the orchard to the next part of the adventure, Cowboy Camp...