Absolutely The Best Time

We – my wife, two daughters, 17 and 13, and I – are from Austin, Texas. We came to Jacob’s Ranch with minimal summer camp/canned trail ride experience. This was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TIME we had on our entire Grand Canyon/Zion vacation.

You meet the horses and learn about their personalities. You get close to each, and they pick you. You learn to trot, and have plenty of time to “get it” – what a great feeling! You lope; you gallop; you run. You picnic under the cottonwoods by the river you just crossed. You ride up and down hills and gullies you never would’ve thought you could. You sit atop a ridge and look waaaaay down to the valley floor or off into Zion. You get the opportunity to take risks and to push your own envelope, to go as fast and as hard as you dare.

The introduction, instruction, and orientation is fascinating and they build a strong, confident, trusting bond between horse, rider, and wrangler; the concept of paying for the first six hours of instruction and riding, then “staying and playing” as long as you want is just revolutionary and mind-blowing.

Jackson, our instructor, Cheryl and Bailey, our wranglers, and all the family and staff at Jacob’s Ranch could not have been nicer, friendlier, more knowledgeable, or more professional. This trail ride was the highlight of our trip, and I’m glad it was the last day, ’cause we rode and played hard! But, man oh man, what a GREAT time! We will never forget it, and we plan to return. You folks reading this review email me – I’ll be happy to recommend these guys!

Thanks again to Jacob’s Ranch – you’re the best!

Stephen A. – 07-14-2012