GREAT TIME at Jacob’s Ranch

We had a GREAT time at Jacob’s Ranch.

Our family of 6 has a pretty diverse exposure to horses… My wife and kids (10, 12, 14, 16) have done several tail-to-nose “rides”, my oldest (16) and youngest (10) daughters haven taken riding lessons, and my self, only on a horse once when I was a kid.

We spent the week in the Zion area. Beautiful landscape! We hiked Bryce and Zion, and spent a day on ATVs enjoying the country side. Our week of enjoying the scenery was concluded with a beautiful day with the folks at Jacob’s Ranch.

From the moment my wife inquired about the ride to the time we say good bye and thank you, we enjoyed authentic Cowboy hospitality, a wealth of knowledge, and just sincerely enjoyed spending the day with Jackson, Cheryl, Tyler, and Jarred.

We got to meet and mingle with all the horses, learn from the wranglers about their personalities, tendencies, and backgrounds. All to helps us find the right match for the day. All beautiful horses with nice dispositions made finding the right horse easy.

An important part of the day was bonding with the horses. Know Jackson will introduce this process telling you the horses will end up following you around in circles, forward and backwards (yo-yo) and basically yielding to the riders. I’ll also say we are skeptical ex-New Yorkers, particularly my wife. Well, each of us worked with our horses in the pen, got to control their direction, speed, jump barrels, and generally bond with our horses. And, Jackson was right, we were blown away as each of the horses followed us around like puppy dogs.

Cheryl and Jarred took us out for a beautiful long ride. They were helpful in guiding and teaching us, encouraging us to push ourselves, and allowing each of us to take things at our own pace. From walking to trotting to running, steep climbs or not, fast or slow around the corners; We seemed to always have options that made the family comfortable no matter where we rode.

The scenery, the wranglers, the horses, and the leanings my family walked away with at the end of the day made this a great experience. Would do it again in a heartbeat…

Lynda N. 04-13-2012