Love Love Loved!

Our family of four (kids age 10 & 13) traveled a long way from Chicago. We did one “nose to tail” ride at one place near Bryce and both kids love the experience with horses and wish to be able to spend more time with horses. My husband found Jacob’s Ranch’s brochure at the hotel where we stayed and decided to take the family for a special adventure.

We spent almost a day at the barn. Jack taught us how to politely approach the horses, and what the horses body language means. After spending some time with the horses we each got to pick the horse we like and walk them to the training area. Jack taught us how to instruct the horses with certain techniques. The highlight of the day was riding the horses with Jack and Sheryl to the top of the mountain. Boy, as little as we know about horses, I was wrong about how easy I thought it was to ride horses.

After trotting a bit my bottom was sore and I was nervous about what we were going to do next. Jack and Sheryl encouraged me and repeatedly taught me how to control the horse and make to the top without any problem. I have always been afraid of heights and speed so I really appreciated Sheryl staying beside me and guiding me while my husband and two boys were having a fantastic time running the horses with Jack. The picture of all of us running freely with the horses on the beautiful mountain was just like how you’d imagine in a cowboy movie :). My boys and husband LOVE LOVE LOVED the horseback riding at Jacob’s!!!!!!

Thank you Jack and Sheryl for such a special experience and a wonderful memory that we can share with each other for a long time. You are real cowboys that truly love horses and want to teach people not just to ride horses but to know horses well and love them. We hope to see you in the future when we return.

Cathy H. – 07-31-2012